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I would like to welcome you to the new GP Education Unit website for Southampton, New Forest and Jersey.

Our core role in the GPEU is to deliver and facilitate General Practitioner development at all stages of your career, to liaise with relevant professional groups and encourage cross working with other members of the primary healthcare team.

We aim to pilot new educational tools and to evaluate them, to provide career advice and to react to the changing needs of all of GPs.

For GPs in training, we are looking to support understanding of the curriculum in conjunction with training practices and to manage the quality assurance of GP training programmes.

For established GPs, we wish to be accessible and try to make available our resources to all GPs on the National Performers List working within our locality.

Professor Johnny Lyon-Maris
Associate GP Dean


  Kat Barnes Jane Carr Inga Janmere


Kat Barnes

GPEU Administrator

Jane Carr

GPEU Administrator

Inga Janmere

GPEU Administration Manager

Dr Emily Chamberlain Dr Julie Chinn Dr Emily Edwards

Dr Emily Chamberlain

Programme Director

Dr Julie Chinn

Programme Director

Dr Emily Edwards

GP Education Facilitator

Dr Peter Haig Professor Johnny Lyon-Maris 2 Dr Oliver Morris

Dr Peter Haig

Programme Director and Associate GP Dean for Recruitment (Wessex)

Professor Johnny Lyon-Maris

Associate GP Dean for Southampton

Dr Oliver Morris

Programme Director

Dr Nicola O'Shaughnessy Dr Rachel Owers Dr Duncan Platt

Dr Nicola O'Shaughnessy

Programme Director

Dr Rachel Owers

Programme Director

Dr Duncan Platt

Programme Director

Dr Samantha Powell Dr Jonathan Rial Dr Samantha Scallan  

Dr Samantha Powell

Programme Director

Dr Jonathan Rial

Programme Director and Associate Dean for ARCP (Wessex)

Dr Samantha Scallan

Wessex Primary Care Education Research Lead