GP Appraiser

Ever thought of becoming a GP Appraiser?

It is always a real privilege, and occasionally a real challenge, to support our colleagues in looking at their work and discussing their priorities for professional development.

The appraisal discussion uses the same skills as a good consultation:

  • Good active listening.
  • Questioning.
  • Agenda setting.
  • Rapport and empathy.
  • Appropriate challenge.
  • Time management.

In addition you need to be organized with suitable IT and writing skills.

Appraisal also requires professional judgment about the quality of the documentation to support doctors in their progress towards revalidation.

Wessex Deanery Appraisal and Revalidation Service offer new appraiser training courses throughout the year. Training is offered free to NHS GPs although there is no locum backfill for your time.

You would need to be able to offer enough time to carry out between 6 and 24 appraisals each year and undertake at least 6 hours of appraiser CPD a year.

Applicants must be a GP practicing for at least for 5 years. You will be asked to submit 500 words as to why you would like to become an appraiser and the skills you feel you can offer.

The training course runs on 2 consecutive days. The first is a look at the theory and skills around appraisal and revalidation and the second includes rehearsing some of these skills with observation by a course facilitator, and the logistics around delivering appraisal. Your competency is assessed by the course facilitators, and you must demonstrate a satisfactory level of skill to become an appraiser.

Successful completion of the training is not a guarantee that there will be appraisal work available in your locality, but successful participants will be informed of any vacancies and invited to interview.

If you are interested in finding out more please email the Programme Manager Gill Watson