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ST3 Teaching Sessions 

The ST3 teaching course provides educational sessions for ST3 Trainees. It is based at Southampton General Hospital we meet for 30 Wednesdays of the training year.

The training year runs August to August. ST3 trainees meet on 1st, 2nd and 4th Wednesdays and the session usually runs from 9am to 1pm. There are several dates through the year when the Programme Directors are involved with planning and trainer educational events; the course does not run on these dates. Details of the timetable can be found on our Calendar of Events

When there is teaching, trainees are expected to be at work unless alternative study leave or annual leave has been agreed with the Trainer.

Soap Box
We begin each session with a 15 minute presentation by a GP Trainee on a non-medical topic of their choice. This session is called a 'Soap Box’. We encourage you to use a variety of media to support your presentation including; video clips and music. It provides you with an opportunity to practice the skill of presenting in a relatively informal environment. There should be time for questions afterwards. The Soap Box rota is organised by Katherine Barnes, Course Administrator, and can be found on the Southampton GP Education Unit website. If you are not available on your allocated Soap Box slot, it is your responsibility to make sure the reserve GP ST3 is aware so they can take the session. If you do swap a session or require to be allocated another session, please e-mail Jane Carr

Small Group Work
We feel that group learning is a cornerstone of our teaching and groups of 8 - 10 ST3s are established early in the year. You will discuss case scenarios, hot topics, evidence-based medicine, challenging patients, medico-political issues and any problems, which may arise on a weekly basis.

You will also have the opportunity to learn about the MRCGP and the e-Portfolio. The content of each session will be decided by the group, to encourage self-directed learning.

Topic Based Seminars
In addition to group work, sessions also include topic based seminars. These are linked specifically to curriculum statements and utilise external facilitators, communication workshops and simulated patients. The Seminar Programme can be found on the Southampton GP Education Unit website. Towards the end of the ST3 year the seminars focus on preparation for life after training and include a Practice Locum, careers day and a Life Skills course which is held at Minstead Lodge in the New Forest.

Every year in September we hold a residential educational session at the Balmer Lawn Hotel in Brockenhurst. This gives you the opportunity of getting to know your fellow registrars as well as to focus on learning. Overnight accommodation and meals are provided at no cost to you.

Forest Day
In July, towards the end of your course, we meet in a picturesque part of the New Forest to take part in a team building ramble. You will be encouraged to work in a group to solve a series of tasks and navigate through woods and across heathland. You will have the opportunity to use or learn map and compass reading skills and exercise your legs as well as your minds.

Wessex Out of Sync Trainees

Small Group Educational Sessions
This group has been set up to provide an opportunity for peer support, case discussion and hot topics! It is a great way to keep up to date with clinical knowledge, and to discuss important steps as you reach your CCT date. The group is fully supported by the GP School.

Once a trainee has completed the full training programme they will be invited to join these sessions.

Attendance to these sessions should be discussed with the GP Trainer and Practice Manger.  GP Trainees should use their study leave or CPD session to attend.

Please see our Calendar of Events for details of dates and venues for this group.  For additional information, please contact Inga Janmere


Please refer to the GPEU Southampton Handbook for more information regarding study leave, sick leave and maternity leave as well as useful information about working Less Than Full Time. Further resources concerning maternity leave can be found on our ST1/2 page.