Out of Hours

(see also our GPEU Southampton Handbook)

All ST2s in General Practice and all ST3s are required to gain Out Of Hours clinical experience for final certification by the RCGP. ‘Out Of Hours’ is defined as work undertaken after 18:30hrs or before 08:00hrs Monday to Friday or anytime on weekends and Bank holidays - it does not include ‘Extended Hours’ surgeries. Your ‘In Hours’ timetable will need to be adjusted to ensure that you stay within your contracted 40 hour working week (i.e. you take time off ‘In Hours’ in lieu of the time you work OOHs).


During your six month ST2 GP post you are required to complete a minimum of 36 hours (spread over a minimum of six different sessions) in the ‘Out Of Hours' setting. In ST2 these sessions are not done with the OOHs GP service. Instead they are intended for you to learn about the range of other services which are available to the public outside of normal surgery opening hours. Potential experiences can be found in the GPEU Southampton Handbook, the Wessex AiT Handbook or here . You should discuss your plans with your Trainer in advance to ensure they are appropriate to your own personal learning needs


During your ST3 year you are required to complete a minimum of 72 hours in the ‘Out Of Hours’ setting. There are various types of work that you should include: Telephone Triage, Primary Care Clinics and Home Visits. Gaining experience across these settings is necessary to demonstrate your developing competence as an independent GP Out Of Hours. Your Trainer is ultimately responsible for assessing whether your OOH experience is appropriate and adequate. All your OOH work will be supervised, whether by your own Trainer, another Trainer or a GP who has done the Out Of Hours Clinical Supervisors course.


In summary, the essential requirements for you to complete your OOH training in order to be recommended for CCT are:

  • 72 hours of OOH work, spread reasonably evenly across the ST3 year.
  • A learning log entry for each OOH session that documents your learning and relates it to the OOH competencies and curriculum (see ‘Resources’ below).
  • A completed Out of Hours Log and Learning Record for each session, signed by both you and your OOH clinical supervisor, scanned and uploaded to your ePortfolio and linked to the relevant learning log.
  • A Session Log Summary for ST3 Sessions Form which summarises all your OOH sessions with a running total up to the minimum 72 hours. This needs to be completed, scanned and attached to your ePortfolio before your final ARCP.

Useful Resources

COGPED Out of Hours (OOH) Training for GP Specialty Registrars (2010)
The national guidance on OOH training for GP StRs that describes the standards for OOH training. It includes the’ OOH self-assessment’ (see below).

Wessex Deanery Out Of Hours Guidelines (Aug 2014)

OOH Self Assessment (COGPED2010)

‘Mapping of Out of Hours Competencies to the New GP Curriculum and WPBA’
‘Out of Hours Key Curriculum Statements’
These two documents demonstrate which parts of the MRCGP curriculum and competencies specifically relate to the OOH setting.