Workforce Planning: First5 Career Intentions on Place and Extent of Work

Professor Johnny Lyon-Maris, Dr Jonathan Rial, Dr Samantha Scallan

Research demonstrates that Newly Qualified General Practitioners (NQGPs) have different career expectations to those of senior colleagues. No longer is full-time principalship the next step on completion of training; instead NQGPs look to working in short term posts, to meet learning needs that remain on completion of training. The First5 initiative looks to support NQGPs, however local evidence is lacking which may inform this process.

Summary of Work
A small-scale pilot survey of 38 GP ST2-3’s was carried out in the Wessex deanery using an electronic questionnaire. The survey was intended to gather information about the trainees’ post-qualification career intentions.


The findings of the survey reflect the national trends in career intentions of newly qualified GPs, which will be highlighted in the poster.

  • Only 27% planned to become a principal.
  • Only 51% intended on working full-time.
  • Of those intending to become principles, only 33% intended to work full time.
  • 87% intend to stay in Wessex.
  • 65% planned to form small group learning sets from their current DRC.

In addition they pose interesting questions regarding the transition from being in training to independent practice, and how best to support the change.

These results pose important questions for future workforce planning and the provision of support: As part-time working continues to increase there will not be enough practitioners to fill retirement vacancies, and NQGPs recognise the need for continuing educational support, but lack knowledge of the available structures.



Title Type
DEMEC 2015 Poster presentation
RCGP Conference 2011 Poster presentation

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