Exploring Appraisal: Themes From the First Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education for GP Appraisers

Dr Jane Bell, Dr Samantha Scallan

This Occasional Paper presents extracts from assignment work undertaken by GP Appraisers on the Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education at the University of Winchester. The Postgraduate Certificate for GP Appraisers has been developed within an existing MA Medical Education programme, and its content and structure has been designed around the needs of appraisers – to complement and extend the existing and mandatory Wessex Appraisal and Revalidation Service training. In this Occasional Paper we have chosen to highlight three themes, which recurred throughout the Certificate in discussion and in writing. These themes are engagement, performance and reflection. Six students have contributed their work to this occasional paper. We believe that the issues raised here are highly pertinent to the development of appraisal within the NHS and hope that this paper will provide an opportunity for wider debate, as well as the chance to celebrate the excellent work produced by these students.

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