The Benefits of GP Appraisal: a Critical (Re)view of the Literature

Dr Susi Caesar, Ms Diana Eksteen, Dr Rachel Locke, Dr Samantha Scallan

It has been acknowledged that little is known about the impact of GP appraisal on clinical and professional practice as may be demonstrated by identifiable or ‘hard’ outcomes, and further that the way in which appraisal informs professional development is unclear.  In spite of this acknowledgement and the existence of a substantial number of studies about GP appraisal, to date an overview of the field of enquiry which maps what is known has been lacking. In this paper we present the first extensive thematic narrative synthesis of the literature on appraisal. In it we highlight the issues and tensions around research into appraisal, based up what we found (or didn’t find) in our review. Key conclusions concern the focus of existing research – which has tended to report the perceptions of change from individual appraisees, rather than specific examples of change captured from other sources and perspectives - and the scope of research – which has been limited to certain data collection methods. Base upon our review, we draw out implications for research and researchers in the future.


Publication Year DOI Link
Education For Primary Care: The Benefits of Appraisal - A Critical (Re)View of the Literature 10.1080/14739879.2016.1142772 Download file

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